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  The Comicon Challenge set a new standard in 2008 for comic book fan art. With over 400 participants and over 150 2D and 3D finalists, we are proud to bring everyone a revised site and some grand new features to this year's new chapter. A big thanks goes out to our users and sponsors. With your support we were able to make a better challenge for everyone!

Joe Madureira, Marvel Comics legend, Joins GameArtisans as an honorary judge for Comicon Challenge 2009!

Todd McFarlane, Creator of Spawn, watches over the competition and offers signed comics to champions!

The Final Champions for 2009 are announced! is now live! No more digging through the forums for the info you need. You now have a one stop site for everything to do with The Comicon Challenge.

New Judges This Year- This year The Comicon Challenge is reaching out to the comic book industry to take part in our event. Currently we are talking to other comicbook Industry people to help us judge this fantastic event to offer you fans the greatest achievement you can recieve. A nod from the comicbook industry on the presentation of your 2d/3d asset.

Joe Mad as a Judge - Thanks to the guys over at Vigil Games we were able to get Joe to help be a final judge and sign some cool game posters.

Todd Mcfarlane sends the competition some love - Todd is a busy man and doesn't have the time to judge this year but he did manage to help out the competition with some cool prizes. He will be keeping an eye on the competitions progression and try to support us as best as he can.

Marco Nelor
"Omega Red"
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Alex Velazquez
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Marc Brunet
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Hector Marquez
"Gunslinger Spawn"
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Gabriel Garza
"Battle Angel Alita"
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Adam Schuman
"The Penguin"
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Aime Jalon
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Jeff Miller
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Edwin David
"Captain America"
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Diego Maia
"Captain America"
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We are looking for an exceptional artist or two to create a training DVD for their Comicon Entry. DVD should depict how you created your entry, why you chose to create what you did to try for a win, and how you used the entry system to submit your entry.

This DVD will help all future artists succeed at creating a successful entry and portfolio piece for their job search.

Please Contact Fred at fredh - dominancewar-com for benefits & details.

 is brought to you by GCCore Arts.

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