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Vitaliy Naymushin
Comicon Entry - Batman
vitaliy_n - hotmail - com
rawkstar on

Hi, my name is Vitaliy Naymushin. I've worked as an artist in the video game industry for the past 5 years, I have 6 shipped titles and have worked at 3 different studios. I have previously worked at id Software and most recently have gotten a job as a Senior Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment...

Brian Parnell
Comicon Entry - Poison Ivy
brianjparnell - hotmail - com
Parnell on

I had been drawing since I was 4. I remember calling up Nintendo when I was like 9-10 because my dad found a classifieds ad for Nintendo so I called them because I wanted to make games. The woman was very nice to me over the phone. I'm sure she thought it was funny. Little did she know...

Donovan Keele
Comicon Entry - Wolverine
dean.keele - gmail - com
ThatDon on

Well I'm a 3D Character Artist currently working for Neversoft Entertainment on the Guitar Hero games, My real name is Donovan but most people call me Don.. .lazy people... Before working at Neversoft I was at Surreal Software in Seattle. It was there that I got my start in the games industry...

Del Walker
Comicon Entry - ChunLi
Zetsutometsu - hotmail - com
DreameR on

I haven't got a beginning like most game artists where they say: "I've been drawing since I was 1 day old" etc. In fact i didn't really get into any form of art until just before college. I was first interested in pursuing art when I saw Concept Artists previsualising for Star Wars episode 1...

Marcus Pettersson
Comicon Entry - Penance
kotter_bb - hotmail - com
kotter on

My goal is and always has been to do what I love every day, and get paid for it :) participating in online competitions is a great way to show yourself to the industry and open up for future opportunities to reach that goal. I hope to be able to enter and finish many more competitions in the future.

Jacque Choi
Comicon Entry - Morrigan
jacque_choi - hotmail - com
JacqueChoi on

I started drawing when I was 3 and obsessively drew from comic books until High School. Under the advice of my Art Teacher, I turned my focus to getting a career in Classical Animation, but shortly into my time at Art School I was introduced to 3D (which is the area where I decided to focus my education).

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