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  "Is awarded the exalted first place due to it not only being awesome game art, but the character I would most want to play as."
  "The redesign is great and funny, and I love the posing - Tin man is maybe old but he is still kicking!"
  "As tough as a razor blade suppository! This character has franchise written all over him."

  " I love it when someone takes their own spin with a character, not to mention executes it so damn well."
  "It looks/feels like a comic, and the spirit of Lobo is definitely there."

  "The amazing expression on his face shows a sense of animal desperation while also giving us a very human bit of sadness."

    "The little girly sociopath we fell in love with has grown up to be quite a woman and Lubov should be proud of the submission."

"The beauty shot is very impressive, great pose, very realistic, looks like a high-poly model."

"I am really impressed with the consistency of style and execution on this one."

"You did a great job transforming Storm to her younger state, and the callout to the comic's old mohawk is what makes her "feel" like Storm..."

  "This one is very very cool, simple and effective, ití»s detailed but the details aren't distracting."

"This is a great transformation from the comic into an older version that could meld right into Street Fighter 4..."

"Great design, execution, poses and presentation!"
    " I try not to be too biased towards awesome painterly rendering but OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS!!"

    "I like the redesign of the costume and the insanity look on his face. Great details everywhere."

    "Camille has taken the original cartoony starting point and really fleshed the character and details so completely..."

    "I love this final painting! Action packed and very reminiscent of the old TMNT splash images..."

    "I haven't had such a strong reaction to a TMNT re-visioning since Michael Zulli's. Surreal! (And ever so slightly creepy!)"

    "Very realistic, great execution and the turn around is ideal. Super extra points for doing it in color and designing an interesting costume that is still practical."

    "It takes serious guts to go the non-sexual route with a character like this and still wind up with some pretty sexy results..."
Comicon'10 Champions - Top 36 Challengers - View All Entries - Judges Comments

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